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Adulthood. Independence. “Real life.” With a freshly-framed diploma hanging on the wall, the world is now your oyster. Except not really, because entry-level wages can only get you so far [read: a two-bedroom apartment with six roommates 45 minutes from city center via public transportation]. Regardless, the time of your life is at hand… aka the time of your life where the constant thought of “wtf am I doing right now” is at hand. Because let’s face it, That First Year after college is one of change (new job, new city, new whatever), difficult decisions (buy some groceries vs. have a social life) and life lessons (stain removal is an art form).

Feeling happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time? It’s not just you. Join us as we navigate the transitional trenches of That First Year after college.


So... what exactly is That First Year?

That First Year is a blog offering you tidbits & tales to help you along the transition-heavy path of That First Year after college with posts from those who are currently going through That First Year and from those who have been there, done that and lived to tell the tale. This is a place of authentic stories from a wide range of writers with different perspectives on life. Our hope is that you will find a little bit of your own story within the stories shared here.

we've been around for a year now.

Yep, an entire year. Read our reflection letter here.


Tidbits & Tales:

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Tidbits & Tales from That First Year After College: A Collection of Essays. That’s the title of the first e-book That First Year is publishing today. This e-book is the product of a lot of sweat and tears, and by that I just mean a lot of writing and rewrites and even more rewrites (so, yes, sweat and tears) from 11 contributors offering their biggest lessons from that first year after college.

And here’s the thing: This e-book is only $5. That’s like, one 12 oz. mocha from a locally-owned coffee shop located in a refurbished old home. You can do without one 12 oz. mocha from a locally-owned coffee shop located in a refurbished old home to have in your possession 11 essays that speak on post-grad experiences we all can relate to, right? (Right.) You can purchase the e-book here and support all the fantastic writers who put their hearts into these stories.



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