Windrose Magazine Digital

Windrose Magazine Digital


Windrose is a collection of stories—stories that echo this one simple truth: you are not alone as you navigate life in your twenties.

These are words for the wanderer.

These are words for YOU.


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Who is Windrose for?

These are words for those who are wandering and wondering through the open spaces of young adulthood, words for those navigating the unchartered seas of a life all your own. Whether starting a new job or investing more in your current one, moving to a new city or creating a home where you already are, making new friends or feeling the loss of your old ones, booking that trip to Europe or only staring at a calendar void of vacation days, Windrose is for YOU.

When will I receive my digital copy of Windrose?

Check your email! Upon purchase, you will receive a link to your email that will allow you to download your digital copy of Windrose. Once you click the link for the magazine, you will have 24 hours from that first click to download your copy before the link expires.

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